Ernie Ross - Trinidad Entrepreneur

About Ernie Ross

Ernie Ross founded ReThink in 2012 in order to create a center for personal transformation. Headquartered in St. Clair, Port of Spain, Trinidad, ReThink focuses on holistic care that uplifts individuals and groups seeking enlightenment. Through ReThink, Ernie Ross offers a variety of programs he has created for personal development, including Intangience, which is a trademark branding philosophy called. It is about a methodology of developing unique, meaningful and lasting relationships between brands and people through intangible values and what we call the science of human connection. The philosophy is supported by highly successful, major global brands.

It demonstrates how small acts of kindness bring greater joy to the human race. He previously established himself in the advertising business with Ross Advertising, where he continues to serve as creative director and chief executive officer. From 2015 to 2016 his agency earned 112 Addy awards, the largest number ever given to a single advertising group in the Caribbean.

In addition to creating successful advertising campaigns, he also focuses on a higher purpose in his work, ensuring that his efforts work toward communicating a deeper meaning. Alongside his dual career of advertising and encouraging positive thinking through personal development, he enjoys boating, reading, writing, and traveling. He also spends time studying philosophy, which he integrates into his work at ReThink.